About The Company

Inamoment is about presenting Theatre, in a way that touches people. It’s also about actors and audience together, discovering what makes us tick, and hopefully leave everyone with a good feeling.

Inamoment is centred on the work of Birmingham-born Theatre writer Frank Bramwell. His work has been toured over the last 14 years with professional productions in Birmingham, London, Edinburgh, Manchester and Buxton.

Extracts from reviewers and audience to Frank Bramwell’s previous Shakespeare sequels:-

“What this play is very good at doing is raising an intrigued eyebrow. It constantly suggests possible inspirations for moments of Shakespeare’s plots and even certain turns of phrase.”

“Fringe theatre should be wary of performing Shakespeare . . . what they can do, however, is reinterpret, and here we have a fine example of this. Let’s write new versed dialogue (you have to admire both the ambition and the achievement) but do not forget to re-examine some of the original words.”

“. . . when it comes to Shakespeare “re-written” I get very sceptical. But I was proven wrong as they pulled out all the stops and the audience was treated to a delicious journey through Prospero’s messed-up mind.”

“The play itself is a wonderful re-exploration of Shakespeare’s original, from a totally different perspective. The blend of Shakespeare’s words and the writer Frank Bramwell’s own words worked very well.”

“This production was not as expected, not dreary Shakespeare but a fine twist by Bramwell. Excellent production for the fringe.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such raw energy and physical commitment in a Fringe performance …”

“This was a complex and very clever … new look at the play. Take your sharpest wits with you, and listen carefully, but also be prepared to be carried along by the pace, skill and style of the presentation.”

To find out more and to contact Inamoment, please visit the web site at: https://www.inamoment.org.uk